Who We Are

Core Values

Tractor working on a field.Every search firm has core values.   And they probably all sound the same.  Our values are not something dictated by some corporate headquarters.   Rather, they are an expression of what guides our daily actions.   We ask that you carefully review the principles below as we believe these are paramount to the success of any business partnership that we engage in.


Integrity is the cornerstone value of Hummer.  "There can be no friendship without confidence and no confidence without integrity" – Samuel Johnson.   While this author cites ‘friendship’, we believe this applies more broadly to professional business relationships.


The people in your organization are your single greatest asset.  Yes it’s a cliché, but then it’s also true.  While some recruiters are transactional and some companies treat them as vendors or refer to them as “outside agencies”; the business partnership with a true specialized search firm is as critical to an organization’s long term success as their outside legal counsel or their accounting firm.


Interior of giant greenhouse.We are inspired by the opportunity to help our clients and candidates achieve success.  To quote Zig Ziglar:  "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."


Credibility takes time to build. Our goal is to be your trusted industry expert in the agribusiness sector. You know that guy...the one that comes to your employee training session with his Blackberry and pays no attention because training doesn't apply to him. Maybe he is spending three hours a day voting on the latest fads on Facebook. The recruiting industry is no different, they have bottom feeders too. Hummer doesn't tolerate a culture with a sense of entitlement. Often times you will find us in the office after hours exceeding our objectives. Our hard work, integrity and professional development all lead to success for you and credibility for Hummer Ag Search.