Seed-focused agricultural recruitment

At Hummer Agribusiness, we understand the complex nature of the agricultural industry and how crucial the grower-customer is to the future of this evolving agricultural space. We are not all things to all people—choosing to put every bit of experience we have into a niche focus that without question yields results.

Our firm has built those relationships crucial to sourcing those specialized professionals who are driving every aspect of agriculture forward. The connections we tend and grow, bare the fruit of long-term and sustainable success. The agricultural recruitment specialists at Hummer locate, evaluate and acquire leaders in marketing, sales, product management, business management, supply chain and technical professionals your business needs to remain competitive in this high-stakes rapidly evolving global talent market. We also bring a deep level of market intelligence and agricultural industry insight.

  • Vice President of Operations
  • Director, Product Management
  • General Manager – Field Crops
  • Director, Corn Operations
  • North American Seed Quality Lead
  • Corn Breeder
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • North American Production Manager

Agricultural Recruitment and Executive Search Services


A small upfront commitment allows our firm to leverage a deep rolodex of contacts we have accumulated over decades as a niched agricultural recruiter to efficiently find the leadership talent you need. Upon search completion, the remainder of the fee is then due.

Priority Engaged

The priority engaged search is primarily for critical, urgent or senior level opportunities. A robust offering that includes cultivating attractions-based role profiles, and detailed candidate alignment documents. We can also leverage a unique external network to cast a wider net. Your upfront investment allows Hummer to dedicate the full potency of our firm’s resources to guarantee search success.

Confidential Search

A stealth option when the company is

  1. Moving into a new sector and doesn’t want to tip off competitors.
  2. Team members are underperforming, but the company can’t endure a leadership gap.
  3. M&A activity, IPO or other sensitive events are about to happen.
    We take this challenge seriously and have required steps in place to ensure full confidential integrity.

Find the seed industry talent and leadership you need.
Hummer is agricultural recruitment you can count on.