Client Services

Hummer AgriBusiness Search specializes in a business partner approach to fulfilling critical management level positions for Agricultural companies.  Well networked with the top talent in North American agriculture, we are an Industry Specialist that delivers the access to the most stellar candidates in our sector.

Talent investment options:


Photo of new plantsWe offer the best of both worlds with the “Priority Partner” search option, sometimes referred to as an Engagement search.  You receive the robust level service of a retained search at near-contingency speed.  Clients “partner” with us on the search with an upfront financial and time commitment that secures our focus and allows us to fill critical searches without the time delay often associated with retained search.

Why Partner Search?  Often times, clients prefer a traditional contingency search approach. An attractive option because there is no upfront financial commitment; but the lack of skin in the game is also its’ Achilles heel.  Search firms are constantly prioritizing a heavy search project load, combine that with the fact that while on a partner search, the recruiter is bound by performance guarantees to you, the client company.


The retained search is primarily for senior, executive and board level opportunities.  These more critical roles may require extra steps in the process, important steps when you are hiring C-Level talent.  We act as Management Consultants for your company and offer full search capabilities.  In addition to a traditional search, with our retained arrangement, we will 1.) Photo of picking tomatoesArrange an Intake meeting--Meet with key stakeholders in the client company, Face to Face, and in advance of the search to understand the company dynamics and team culture surrounding the opportunity  2.) Meet F/F with short-list candidates prior to client interviews  3.) Tailor a performance assessment tool to help screen and measure the best possible candidates  4.) Provide a written candidate comparison assessment matrix that can be updated at various stages of the process.

Like the Partner Search, the retained option requires a close working relationship between the client and our firm.


If you have other needs, perhaps final reference checks that need to be performed, or simply want to engage our services on an hourly basis to supplement your internal efforts, let us know.  Our best clients lean on us for other needs, we’re flexible.